a little break

i will be back in a few days with more exciting posts. i had 2 really fun photo shoots in the last 2 weeks but i can only share one of them, for now. the other is a surprise til mid august. but the one i can share with you is adorable. a beautiful mama and her ADORABLE boy. and you throw in a wonderful sis and niece, and that makes for a perfect photo shoot for me. perfectly my style.

nothing too crazy going on other than i had way too much time on my hands this week. Greta went to her first week of preschool camp, she'll have 2 weeks in August and then start preschool officially mid september. i had to work monday, but the other 3 days, i had 9 hours and i really didn't know what to do. i got a ton done, little house projects i will also share with you soon. but i was sad. she's getting so big. but it's bittersweet because she is so excited to go, she's doing fabulous, with no anxiety or crying, it's me who is driving home from Target in tears. but that's another post too.

we have been ridiculously busy which to me is what summertime is about. i love having so much fun for the kids every day. although i am looking forward to our scheduled weeks of nothing. i spaced them throughout the summer to give us some calm and help us get into some really good books. for now we are at daily swim lessons, photos to come soon. the boys are at the local park from 10-3 having a blast with field games, cooking activities, art and tomorrow soso is extra excited for superhero dress up day.

i love having the lazy mornings though. the kids are finally waking up a teeny bit later. they usually roam into my room anywhere from 7:15-8:00am. We lazily have breakfast and play until 10 when they get to go to camp. Then it's pickup with a little bit of veg time and a huge truckload of food to refuel them for their swim lessons. it's the first year that aaron or i don't have to go in the water with greta. she's in her own class. and she's loving it. gunnar is doing fantastic. he's swimming beautifully. and soso is a fish. that boy will dive in anywhere. he's particularly proud that his teacher took the class and taught them in the 6 ft deep part today. i love that my kids get to have the summers i remember. swim lessons everyday all summer long. prune-y fingers and a confidence that is immeasurable.

we finished The BFG and are about to start another Roald Dahl book tonight. Not sure which one they'll pick, it's between James and the Giant Beach or Danny Champion of the World.

that's about it for now. i am signing off for a few days and will be back next week sometime.