Palm Springs Part I

I lost my voice on the day we left for Palm Springs. In fact, the closer we got, the less voice I had. We hit a lot of unpleasant traffic so it took 3 hours to get there. And by the end of hour 3, my voice didn't exist. Stress always is the start for me. I don't understand why some days my stress levels are higher than others. It's not like I deal with deadlines or angry clients, it's pretty much the same things I deal with day in and day out. Children. Feeding children. Dressing children. Disciplining children. Children's homework. Children going potty. Bathing children. Babysitting children. Driving children to school. Playing with children. But apparently if you throw in a few unusual items into the mix, it's just enough to make me go a teeny bit insane. And with insanity comes pretty much the worst thing I could lose with three children. Can you imagine what it's like to whisperyell at 3 children? Not fun.

Despite me not feeling fantastic we managed to have a great time in Palm Springs. The kids got to swim Friday night after dinner, all day Saturday and then again on Sunday. They were little prunes by the time we left. Aaron picked up a Justin Timberlake-esque fedora which I have since coveted. Here's a few, okay a lot of snapshots, more to come.

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