my grets

A few weekends ago I had rented a lens for a photo shoot and of course had to get as much use out of it as possible. I rented an amazing lens that unfortunately costs $1800!! Yes, that's why I rent it. It takes the most dreamy photos. We were at a friends house for dinner, and stupid mama forgot the kids swimsuits. Greta's solution? Strip down to nude and get in the water. I haven't touched these photos. No editing, no cropping, nada. That's just the color that this particular lens captures. Pretty huh? Doesn't hurt that Greta is adorable, but seriously, if I had taken this with one of my lenses, I would've had to really saturate it to get this kind of color. Just wanted to share my green eyed beauty. . . and her hand.

grets  1746

grets  1745