Family Drawing Time Updates

I thought I would update everyone on how our Family Drawing Time is going. The kids still L O V E it. We are definitely not able to do it every night, but I'm hoping with summer approaching and the absence of homework, we'll do it more often soon. The most surprising of the artists has been Sawyer. Seriously, the boy has skillzz. Like his daddy in the artistic department. We have a rule that you can't ask anyone for help. No one touches your journal but yourself. And there is no such thing as a mistake or a mess up. 


 fam  1514    fam  1515









fam  1521

Greta - it's a balloon by the way at the bottom of the pagefam  1516Sawyer- based on his favorite Pigeon book series

fam  1520fam  1519Gunnar

fam  1517

fam  1518