my nephew

These photos are much overdue. As is meeting my nephew. My sister in law and her family came out a few weeks ago and we had much fun. The kids acted as if they had been best of friends for years. Silas was a sweetie and the first night they arrived he and I bonded on the couch. Gunnar and Aaron went with Nate to the Dodger game and after Sawyer and Greta went to bed, I introduced Silas to The Backyardigans. Over the weekend Silas became pretty familiar with my armpit. Apparently, he's an armpit man. And with his other hand, when it wasn't roaming my chest, was twirling my hair.

Leyla is truly blessed to have such a happy little man. I could've kept him for several more weeks, okay months, okay maybe years. He fit right in with his cousins and would cry each time he was taken away from the toys. Heaven forbid he would need to eat, or get a diaper change, or even sleep! The boy just wanted to play play play. Which is my kids' specialty.

We spent some time at the park and Silas went swimming for the first time. You can see in some of the park photos Gunnar's new obsession with baseball. Since the Dodger game, where a player gave him a ball, he has been quite taken with the sport. Great. One more sport to obsess over. Like he isn't already sports crazy with golf, football, basketball, and now baseball.

Leyla made Greta the most adorable Princess Leah costume. It is the best thing I have seen in a really long time.

silas  1840

silas  1841silas  1842

silas  1844

silas  1843

silas  1845

silas  1847

silas  1846

pool  1850

pool  1849

pool  1848

I will post the other set from their visit another day.