I have a kindergartner

My Soso graduated preschool last Friday. And I managed to get through it without sobbing. I cannot handle how much he has grown since the first day of school almost 2 years ago. He has surpassed my wildest dreams for him when it comes to adjusting to school. That first day I can remember thinking to myself that this is not going to be good. He hated taking directions from someone else, couldn't handle transitioning from one project to another, absolutely abhorred another kid not following task by task as instructed. I figured this was going to be short lived and he'd either be kicked out for wringing a child's neck who started with step B instead of step A or I was going to have a nervous breakdown. But neither one happened. 

Soso has become an excellent listener (most of the time), a good friend, and can even put a project in his cubby to finish later if he couldn't complete it in class. I am so proud of him. 

The graduation was adorable. The kids marched down the aisle and he had this fish face the entire time. This is his nervous/excited look, you can even see it in the photo where he's carrying the leaf. They acted out The Very Hungry Caterpillar and he was the leaf. Maddie's dad, Elliott created a really sweet slideshow video of the kids from the last 2 years. My how they have grown.

grad  1888

grad  1889

grad  1890

Here's Sawyer and his best bud.

grad  1886

And here's the whole crew. These five are good friends and do pretty much everything together or any combination.

grad  1887

These proud grandparents lovin' on their boy.

grad  1891

grad  1894

Ummm, Tati you are not that much taller than me. But you become Amazon Woman when you wear your heels and I wear my flats.

grad  1892

Uncle Carl is noticeably missing from the photo, but he stopped by right before the ceremony and then came back as soon as he could right after. He just sadly missed everything in between. It's okay Carl, I still have one more kid.

grad  1893