let me introduce you to my lit'l friends

First of all, you can't see them. Sorry. I am not such a good fish photographer. But they're there. All 3 of them. Ever since Sawyer heard the idea from his little friend Julia, he has not been able to get fish off the brain. He graduated preschool last week, adorable photos to come. The only thing he has asked for is a fish. And a tank. In fact, we have actually been able to create quite the gift week over this fish tank. First we went to the pet store to check it out and pick up a tank. Good thing we did that first because most people don't realize you have to prepare the tank. Yes, I said prepare. We had to buy bacteria. Yes, I said buy bacteria. And add bacteria for 3 days before it is a welcoming environment for fish.

I figure fish can't be too much trouble. I mean, worse case scenario, we kill them and then we buy more. So after the first expedition to the pet store we had our tank, gravel(i think that's what you call the smallish rocks), filter, bacteria (yep, I said bacteria again). We then proceeded to watch the tank religiously for the next 3 days. I bet you didn't think a fishless tank could be that exciting to 3 small children, and that is why you are SO w r o n g. A fishless tank has got to be one of the most wonderful creations this household has encountered. For hours the kids all squeeze on a single step ladder and peer at the growing bacteria in a tank of water. 

Along with Sawyer's graduation came many questions from my family about what to buy him as gifts. You have guessed it. Fish accessories. Oh, you didn't know that fish tanks have accessories? silly silly people. Yes, my mother as her gift to Sawyer took him to the pet store on day 2 to purchase a sunken ship, castle and skeleton to decorate his tank with. Ah, but we cannot forget the most important thing for our fish tank. Yep. The fish. 

This is where Tati came in with her present. She picked up the kids, yeah, you didn't think we'd get just Soso a fish, did you? Please. He got the tank and "accessories", now for the fishies. After day 3 we were good to go for the fish. After a third outing with Tati to yet another pet store the kids came home with our 3 new additions. Let me be the first to introduce you to Orange Bubbles, Slurpy, and Catwiser. Interesting choice in names. I know. 

Orange Bubbles is Sawyer's and this fish is a Mickey Mouse fish. Yeah, I'm going to teach you a lot in this blog post. It is called a Mickey Mouse fish because on the tail is the face of Mickey Mouse. It's true. I promise. It looks just like Mickey Mouse. 

Greta chose Slurpy which happens to be red since the fish store did not have any pink fish available. Slurpy's tail is black and will get big and beautiful. 

Catwiser is a cat fish. This is Gunnar's choice. Catwiser is the non social fish of the bunch. He likes to hide out and give me a heart attack daily where I think the other two fish have eaten him until I twist my neck and discover him laying in the ship or hiding in the castle.

Orange Bubbles and Slurpy seem to be best buds in the fish tank. They kind of swim together and feed together and then Catwiser likes to pop out when you least expect it and then disappear just as soon as he sees my camera lens. 

Food. Yes, fish food. I have never owned fish before and had to grill my brother in law, apparently he's the aquarium man, about how often I have to clean the tank, change the water, and on and on. There's a lot to learn people and I just pray that these little fish live a bit longer than tomorrow. 

fish  1839

fish  1837

fish  1838

fish  1836

I also just realized I haven't posted any photos of my adorable nephew! My sister in law and her husband and son came out for a visit 2 weeks ago and he is scrumptious. We had a lot of fun and I will try and get those photos up this week too. And the Vegas details. So much to post, so little time.