ballet recital

Greta had her first ballet recital recently. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen. Well, if not the cutest, then pretty darn close. She warmed up first and then put on her yellow tutu costume. The girls were beyond adorable.

ballet  1679ballet  1684

ballet  1680ballet  1681

ballet  1682ballet

And we are back from Palm Springs, but unfortunately on the drive out there I lost my voice. I think I have mentioned before that I lose my voice when I get really stressed? Anyways, it happened a few months ago and I didn't really address it until it turned into a full blown upper respiratory infection. . . ahhh. . . now you remember don't you? Well, the doctor on call was nice enough (this time, normally she is really mean) to call in a prescription that my regular doctor put me on last time. And sure enough within 24 hours my voice is back. I still sound like I have a touch of emphysema, but so much better than the whispering I was doing before. Unfortunately the doctor on call was NOT nice enough to call in that lovely cough syrup with codeine that I got last time. But I believe I saved some, so I'm off to search the medicine cabinets.

I will try and post some photos from Palm Springs later this week. The kids had a blast, it's unreal how many hours they could spend in a pool during a 40 hour vacation. They got to swim at night which was extremely exciting for them. Hope you all had a great weekend!