what to read

I just finished this fascinating book, which probably most of you have read or at least heard of, The Glass Castle. It's a true story and let me warn you, disturbing. I feel like I have mostly been reading things so distant from everything I have known or experienced. And this most definitely falls in that category. How parents could raise, and I use that word loosely, their children in such a manner is hard for me to process. And the fact that the author was able to be sane enough after everything she went through to write a memoir of her life, amazing.

Between reading this book about a dysfunctional family, a father's plight(again, true story) to save his drug addicted son in Beautiful Boy, and the not true story, but in my brain "could be" true story of The Kite Runner which still plagues my dreams, well, my shelves are a little on the serious side. I think I need to lighten things up a bit. I have a few new books sitting there, kind of staring me in the face, but I really don't want to start something unless I know it's good. I think it's time to check the wish list on Amazon and see if any thing went on sale. Unfortunately my list doesn't look too light hearted, except for Chasing Harry Winston, and Love the One You're With, both I have no clue whether they are even good, or worth reading.

Maybe I should go for mystery/suspense and get Bel Canto. I am confused. I am still savoring Amanda Soule's Creative Family, but that's kind of a "read a subchapter right before bed" kind of reading, not the "I can't put this book down" kind of reading. I'm totally rambling. Sorry. Hate when I do that.

Some of the books in our house that are definitely getting read a ton are:

The Princess and the Pea by Lauren Child. Greta has had this book on her bookshelf for at least a year. But it's a bit on the long side, and only recently has she become obsessed with it. I read it to her at least 2-3 times a day. And I love that the Prince is handsome, but not too handsome, just handsome enough. It's a really cute book and I highly recommend it.

Gunnar just finished Stink #3, it's Judy Moody's brother, if you know those books. He got a kick out of it, but not sure what is up for him next. The boy I think is reading on a grade 4/5 reading level. Insane. And if it's a book he is interested in, devours it. I mean wakes up early just to read. Love it. Love it. Love it. A boy after my own heart. 

Sawyer has been liking these Fly Guy books which thrills him because technically they have chapters. He isn't quite ready for books like The Magic Treehouse, but he's right on the cusp. 

Alright, there's my book post for the month. Hope you all are reading some fun stuff, if you are, please pass it on. I honestly don't think there's anything I enjoy more than reading a really really good book.