a few funnies

oh, the things they say. 

Greta and Sawyer were quietly "discussing" who should have the wooden spoon from my kitchen, not that I don't have 9 wooden spoons in my kitchen. But apparently, this particular wooden spoon was special. I hear this from the living room,

Greta: Sawyer, I'll give you five bucks for the spoon.


I was editing some photos on the computer and was totally distracted. Sawyer was saying my name over and over again and it didn't actually register til I heard this,

Sawyer: Mama mama mama maaamaaa maaaaaamaaaaaa, focus!


After dinner one night, Greta came over to me and said proudly,

Greta: Mama, I can speak frenchy. "baminos!"

Me: Greta, that's spanish, and it's vaminos with a v.

Greta: in frenchy?

Me: no, in spanish.

Greta: what does vaminos mean?

Me: let's go. What language is vaminos Greta?

Greta: ahhhh, frenchy!

When Greta potty trained, my friend bought her some Ariel panties. She had her little boy, Hayden, give them to her. She was beyond thrilled. He was like "ehh, no big deal". Well, when he went to leave he came over to Greta and said, "have fun with your panties". It was hilarious. And I kept thinking to myself, oh no, boys cannot talk about my daughter's panties! But they're 2, so it's okay right now. And to this day when she puts on her Ariel panties she tells me that Hayden bought them for her. 

And lastly, here is a funny video of my princess. sweet? innocent? feminine? not quite.