D-Land Part Deux

LOVING the "Happy" lists, l o v i n g. Keep 'em coming.

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Absolutely loving the bokeh on this camera. I seriously can see such a difference when I edit the photos. Love love love it. Here's some more random photos from our time  at the pool and in the parks.

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We got to ride Small World for the first time since they renovated. I really missed this ride. And the kids were in awe. They don't remember riding it before, and this is a glimpse at their faces the entire time.

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The kids always have a blast in the pool with their slides. And we were thrilled Miss Alissa and parents could join us.

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Although we go to Disneyland often, we have never done the Pixie Hollow line. And this time we did, Greta was beyond thrilled. She sometimes gets so excited she won't smile, it's like she is trying to process being in Tinkerbell's presence, and it's just much too thrilling.

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