(First, I want to thank everyone for all their emails about Jane's family's shoot. Y'all are shy, feel free to comment on the blog. I won't bite! But I do appreciate your sincerity and am so happy that you all love them as much as I do! So thank you.)

Last week, I wasn't very happy. I think the new phase Greta is going through right now is going to kill me. It's a new phase of "wake up crying and complain, whine, or cry the entire day and then go to bed". And I'm not lovin' it so much. But halfway, okay, maybe more like Thursday, through the week I decided that everything and everyone that was irritating me or driving me crazy was going to stop. Or I should say I was going to stop it all from irritating me. 

Instead, I was laying in bed the other night and thought up this list of things that make me so positively happy, some small, some big. But surefire happy.

1. fresh cut flowers on my dining room table

2. sawyer's laugh

3. the perfect red lipstick

4. a good book

5. an unexpected visit from Aaron bearing goods from a Coffee Bean run

6. not having to clean up after dinner

7. the noise of my polaroid camera as i click the shutter

8. a postal delivery-i know, strange. but even when i order things and they are expected to arrive, i still skip to my porch when they actually do arrive.

9. snagging something on ebay that I have been wanting for awhile

10. saltwater sandals

what's your 10?