weekend photos from disneyland part 1

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Yes, I have to break it up into parts because that tells you how many photos I took. And I normally don't take a ton of photos. I know you're thinking, yeah right! And maybe I do take more photos than most people. But I don't go to Disneyland and take 200 photos, I take about 40 and usually share my fave 5 or 6 here on the blog. And sometimes I don't even take my camera, like when I have to account for all 3 children by myself. I can't possibly worry about my camera and documenting the adventure all the while risking losing one of them.

But because I got a new camera and am trying to figure out how to use it, I figure the more photo taking the better. Even though I use the same lenses on it, it really is totally different. Because it's full frame, my 50mm lens is further back now, so I have to get closer to get the same shot I normally would with my old camera. And also I would go down to the lowest f/s on my old camera indoors with this lens, a 1.4. Now I need to back off because this camera is a true 1.4. So I need to practice using it at a 3.5 f/s otherwise the sweet spot is just too small. It'll take some practice but I think I know what I need to change at least. It's just with my old camera I could change all the settings with my eyes closed. I can't do that with this one yet.

Some other new things is my new one has no built in flash, which actually is really great because I never ever used the flash on my old camera. Now if I need Aaron to take a photo I can set it to auto and not worry about the flash popping up. You'll see below a picture of my mom and the kids at night. It was about 9:00pm and I was able to take this photo. I had to turn the ISO way up, and with my new camera it goes all the way up to 1600. Really cool. Here's some photos of the first half of our weekend. We love to stay at the Grand Californian, I totally forgot to take photos of the grand lobby, and story time. But we usually go 2 times a year, so I'll get some next time. It's a beautiful Arts & Crafts architecture which is our favorite, and our home's architecture as well.

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I think this is my fave shot of the weekend.

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Can you see how excited these guys are to be awake and it's dark outside!? They have never seen the fireworks show at Disneyland because I keep their bedtimes normal, even when we're on vacation. But they all had napped on the drive down to Disneyland and I was feeling very "livin' on the edge-ish". Greta kept commenting, "it's dark out mama, and we're going on a ride!" However, she was dressed in her pjs, let's not get crazy now.

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And as if this post wasn't exciting enough with photo goodness, here's a little video clip. Take note of me keeping track of all 3 kids in the pool with the camcorder. It may make you a bit motion sickness, but I'm good.