House Project- April & May

I am really behind on posting these. And I won't go into all my excuses, but our landing at the top of the stairs is complete. You may remember the before photos from this post. Wow, that was back in October when I started this wall. Well, it's finally done. Last month I framed the last of the photos and art projects by the kids. It seriously makes me smile every day as I walk by it into Greta's room. Well, maybe not every day, because some days they are actually nights and I walk by it very angrily and cursing quiet utterances under my breath to go see why my daughter is screaming at 3am. But all other times this wall makes me very happy. The little elephant/seal templates were found on Sarah Jane Studios blog from my blog roll. So easy to make and so cute. 

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And this is a new addition in Greta's room. I have been working on her room a little bit. We got rid of the rocker and ottoman. Just taking those items out of the room makes her room look so grown up. I purchased this end table at a flea market and the knobs are from Anthropologie. They have the most amazing knobs. In fact, after I bought these I went around my house looking for knobs I can replace. Unfortunately, we don't have a lot of knobs. But if you need knobs, go to Anthropologie, you will not be disappointed. I also got the cute little doll high chair at the same flea market. It is so well made, and get this, only cost me $12. The little tray lifts up and everything. Next on my list for her room is a little doll cradle/bed. I prefer it being vintage but I haven't seen any yet. I guess that just means another trip to the flea market. . .

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