cool find & our anniversary

I have so many fun posts for this week and don't know which should go first. I should probably start back the farthest and work from there, but when something is exciting then I want to jump it ahead to the front of the line. But I figure this post should come first since after you read it you'll understand why I am taking a bagillion photos like I just got a new camera. (hint hint) I had an awesome photo shoot last week that I'm dying to post about too, but all in due time. This week will be fun, for me at least. . .

If you can find these at your local Costco, buy them! One of my clients told me about them, and they are awesome. They come in a 3 pack and I am not too sure how much Costco is selling them, because I sent Aaron to purchase them, and he has no clue how much stuff costs. Nor does he save the receipt, so he could've spent $100 for all I know. But they are at Amazon here for a great deal, only $25 for a set of three.


I was frantically flying around Santa Monica last Tuesday morning before I had to go to work trying to figure out what I was going to get Aaron for our anniversary. You see, he totally cheated. Since we had already recently purchased the television for upstairs and gotten some house projects done, we agreed not to exchange gifts. I was planning on only cheating a tiny bit by getting him a cologne I bought him when we were dating. That was until Monday evening when I mentioned in passing at our weekly family dinner that we weren't giving each other gifts. My sister totally slipped and made only a 3 word sentence, but it was enough to completely make me suspicious. All it took was her "yes, you are". And then the look of fury on Aaron's face and the way my mom then tried to play it off and then my brother in law's look of panic like he was somehow going to be blamed for something he had no knowledge of, well, it completely threw me off guard and I knew it had to be something big he was planning. Or else he wouldn't have gotten so furious.

Thus the next morning, less than 18 hours til our actual anniversary I ran from store to store and calling multiple friends asking their advice on what to get. Unfortunately I have no "sports" fallback option since he doesn't play golf or soccer, etc. My go-to gift is always electronics, but he recently told me that they're coming out with a new ipod touch in June and he wants to wait for that. I was panicking. I swooped up the cologne, made as quick a trip as possible into the Apple store (which is very hard to be quick in since it is the coolest store in the entire world!), grabbed an apple store giftcard that he could use in June when the new touch comes out along with an itunes giftcard, and then had to go to work.


During work I started really panicking that it wasn't good enough. And I know it's not about the monetary value, but giftcards? Very impersonal. So I derived a little plan because Aaron always has a plan.

You see he always gives me something first that he knows I won't like, but I usually act like I do so as not to hurt his feelings. For our 5 year he bought me a beautiful watch, but first had to give me this dinky armani exchange watch first, and then I had to wait an hour thinking that was the whole gift til he pulled out the real one.

So I decided the cologne and a nice Jamba Juice giftcard would suffice for the crappy initial gift. After work I raced back to the Promenade, which tells you how much I love this man, because I hate the promenade. I picked out these.


Hard to tell from the picture, but they are these polarized classic Aviator Ray Bans. Aaron likes to pretend he's a policeman and he dreams about being a motorcycle cop all the time. He has a little sunglass obsession that I actually share. We both love sunglasses. I believe they are the perfect accessory and tell so much about the person. In fact, it took a lot for me not to keep these babies for myself. They are unisex and I think I will be grabbing a pair for myself in the near future. Aaron usually ends up with a new pair of sunglasses every year. Why? Because he ruins, scratches or loses them. My first instinct is to buy him cheap $10 glasses that I wouldn't care about, but no. He has expensive taste and would rather be sunglass-less than settle for less. So let's guess how long these will last him. Really all I am doing is trying to justify stealing them for myself.

These sunglasses and the Apple giftcards served as his real gifts, and he was quite thrilled. Immediately he put the sunglasses on and yelled, "whoop whoop", "license and registration please". Mission accomplished.

And true to history Aaron gave me a handbag that was not me at all. As much as I like Kate Spade he picked out the most structured and stiff black leather bag in the entire store. Even though I know his game, I still thought for a few seconds that this was the real gift since the first present he bought me when we were dating was a Kate Spade bag. I thought "maybe he's trying to be sentimental?" and then I looked at Gunnar who had a big goofy grin on his face and told me to open the purse. Inside the purse was my new camera and 2 pounds of See's chocolates. The man did good. Better than myself I might add. He won this year.