a barn party

The kids were invited to a Barn Party a friend was throwing on Saturday. They had a petting zoo and pony rides. The grandparents skipped out on this one, but Uncle Zeb got dragged along. I think he may have been a little confused why we would have a party and pay to have livestock come for the kids to pet. Apparently, since he's the last sibling left at home out of 6, he has made friends with a lot of chickens and ducks and goats, so it's nothing special for him. But the kids were a wee bit excited.

Greta became quite attached to the bunny and asked me later that night if she could have one. Nope. We have enough living organisms in this household. No need to add something that may multiply faster than Aaron and I.

These pictures were stolen from Amanda since I only got to stay for a half an hour and then headed to my cousin's bridal shower.





One of the highlights was yours truly getting to put this pumpkin' on her first pony ride. Unfortunately the ride only lasted mere seconds before she burst into tears and begged to be removed from the pony.


And the best photo taken of all time. Thank you Amanda for this priceless treasure that makes me laugh every single time I look at it. Aaron apparently decided to sit in the petting zoo and take a crap with a chicken on his lap.

H I L A R I O U S