one long and fun day

We kicked off Spring Break with a very long, but very fun day last Friday. I arranged to have one of Sawyer's closest buddies over for the day. These two are two peas in a pod. Seriously, they are inseparable. They go to preschool together and get along like brothers, minus the sibling bickering. They honestly rarely disagree or argue. It's pretty cute.

I took the kids to Sawyer's most favorite restaurant for lunch. I actually don't really know if you can even consider Hamburger Habit a restaurant. But here they are, loving the food, and of course, their friendship.


In the afternoon, I helped with Gunnar's Spring Party in his class to celebrate the last day before Spring Break. And I really don't know why, but whenever I have a lot to do in one day, or more children than I really can I handle, I decide it would be a good idea to just invite chaos along and say, "screw it, let's just be nuts". So that's what I did. I decided to pick up my two little cousins, one is between Sawyer and Gunnar's ages, and the other is a little older than Gunnar, and we headed to Hollywood to see the Griffith Observatory.

I talked Aaron into joining us for this part because me and 6 kids just wasn't a good idea. After we got everyone from their various schools, we packed in one car and headed up. The car ride was interesting to say the least. There was a little disagreement on the music choices. The 4th grader wanted to listen to KIIS FM, the 1st grader  and one preschooler wanted Foo Fighters, and Greta was asking for Beyonce. Aaron was on Foo Fighters side, and I was looking for my Weezer CD. Quite the predicament we were in. Fortunately Aaron thought ahead and had burned a new CD featuring all of these varying artists and everyone had their turn to rock out to their song. I really do wish I had brought my videocamera.

We took my kids once, a few years ago, right after it reopened from the renovation, but Sawyer was too little to remember, and Greta was just a babe. So virtually it was a new experience for everyone.

The kids thought it was pretty cool. We met up with another family there and took the oldest 7 kids to the Planetarium show. That was in itself reason to visit the Observatory.

This is basically what the afternoon was like, you can see the 3 boys running across the front lawn in this photo.


The Planetarium was really interesting and Sawyer and his friend kept checking the floor to see if the seats were moving. Towards the end of the show they talked a little bit about the "big bang" theory. After we left the show, I figured we would have some discussions about what we believed and what some scientists believed. As soon as the doors opened Sawyer's eyes were huge and he looked at me and said, " OKAY, MAMA, So remember the part when the earth blew up!!!!?" "Well, Sawyer, we don't really believe that the universe just blew up and that's how earth was created, right?" "YEAH, because I was gonna say, I don't get that part!" It was pretty cute that it made no sense to him. 


After the sun went down we headed over to the Kodak Theatre and ate dinner in the huge structure there. Overall it was a very fun and entertaining day, no children were lost. No one cried, well, not for too long. And on days like this I appreciate living in Los Angeles where there is such a huge diversity of places to visit and explore.