new little obsessions


Sawyer goes for eye therapy every Wednesday afternoon. And Aaron takes him while I take Greta to her ballet class. His therapy is really expensive, and so we get very irritated when Sawyer doesn't focus and pay attention. Aaron has found a little motivation to get Sawyer to do well at therapy. He took the boys once awhile ago to Anawalt Lumber. Seriously, a lumber store. My husband's favorite place to go. And they found these 3-d wooden puzzles. That is totally up Gunnar's alley. And Sawyer's. And especially Aaron's. They come small and really big. And they're inexpensive. I think the little ones are $1.99 and the big ones are $2.99. And after they put them together, Aaron glues it for them, and then they paint them. 

I now have them all over my house. I find little wooden spiders, and big huge butterflies(that one was Greta's), scary snakes, and on and on, all over my house. The good part is that Sawyer does really good at his therapy appointments because afterwards Aaron heads over to Anawalt to pick out a new one. He has a little paint area set up in the garage where they can work on painting them. Here's some of their projects.




The most recent additions to their collection are a race car and helicopter. But they haven't been put together yet. I'm sure it's only a matter of time.