been a little m i a . . .

Aaron's parents and his youngest brother came into town for a visit. The kids were beyond excited. It's been awhile since they have seen the kids and I know the kids have changed so much since the last visit. But immediately they were right at home with Grandma and Grandpa, totally comfortable. It was fun to share Family Worship night with them along with Family Drawing Time. See, no one escapes Family Drawing Time. If you are in this household during Family Drawing Time, you will participate. New house rule. And they were very cooperative, I think they actually enjoyed it. Although Grandpa's picture of Pharoah, well, it was a little stretching if you ask me.


A favorite pastime when Grandma and Grandpa visit is the food. Grandma starts baking her infamous caramel rolls, homemade pies, fresh bread. And Sawyer was pretty happy to wake Grandpa each morning and request his french toast making skills.



The boys adore their uncle Zeb. But come on, what 4 and 7 year old wouldn't think a 17 year old is cool? He's alright. he he 


I don't think my in laws have a fast enough connection to read this. he he

Zeb brought with him some movies we haven't seen which was great because Aaron doesn't go to movies, and although I go alone usually, I never saw these ones. Our evenings, after the kids and grandparents went to sleep, and Aaron some nights, were spent watching movies or playing Wii. Oh, and one night Zeb was sleep walking and attempted to strip in the kitchen. But that's a whole different post.

A little bit about the Wii. To set the record straight, I haven't touched the Wii in probably a year. So I was pretty much out of practice. And despite this I could still smoke my 17 year old brother in law in bowling. Oh, and the Wii Fitness, well I scored an age of 31. I know you are thinking, wait, aren't you only 28? True. But to score anything below 50 years of age on the Wii is huge for me! And I believe my competitor scored, what was the age? 64? Yes, I believe it was 64.

Before this weekend, I was undefeated in Wii boxing. And I thought the Wii gods were on my side since Zeb was itching to play me in boxing and we could only find one numbchuck. Wrong. A numbchuck conveniently appeared on the last night of their trip. And again, let me set the record straight before other information is spread throughout the state of Minnesota, I had to work all day Monday while Zeb got to practice. Apparently he had just as much to lose as me since he too was undefeated. The game was pretty close. We each had one knockout and the final game went to round 3. I lost. But I did learn that I am no longer 18. Not even close. It's sad because in my mind I am 18, but oh no, the rest of me didn't agree. I am a decade more than that. And the next morning I paid the price. For some reason my stomach muscles which haven't been used since I birthed my last child decided to separate themselves from the interior lining of my abdominal wall and shriek in defiance at their wakening. Along with my shoulders feeling like someone wedged a sharp pencil in between each joint. The Wii was not my friend. However, since Aaron sucks much more than me at the Wii, I may challenge him to a little boxing match to up my self esteem.

I will post some more photos of when we went to the Aquarium and the rest of their visit. But I think my husband is now contemplating a divorce since I have had to spend hours catching up on everything I neglected, like online bill paying, emails, my blog, photo editing. So I better go spend some quality time showing him that I am still the champion of Wii Boxing in this household.