an artful afternoon

I'm back, sort of. Aaron's family is leaving in the morning and I hope I can edit some photos and post about what we've been up to with them during their visit, soon. All depends though. I think my house has been neglected more than the blog, so I will have to morph into the domestic goddess that I am not and wave my magical wand that I do not possess and work some miracles on this place that we inhabit, pronto. But in the meantime here is a post I had worked on early last week.

It's been really hot here sporadically. Like 92 degrees hot. Very uncharacteristic for this part of SoCal, and it's only April. This particular Monday I got to leave work early and on my way home I stopped at my favorite art supplies store. The kids were pleasantly surprised for their impromptu afternoon painting session. Sawyer was pretty focused on his "castle", and Greta, well Gunnar told me her art seems a lot like that guy named Pollock. Have no clue where he learned about Jackson Pollock, but it's pretty cool to hear it from my 7 year old.