family drawing time


We recently instituted a new part of our day called Family Drawing Time. My kids love art, no doubt. They love to draw and paint and create. I have been slowly reading and savoring every part of Amanda Soule's book, The Creative Family. On my blogroll her link is Soule Mama. Although I don't agree and am not capable of many things that she writes about and accomplishes in her daily tasks, there are some really awesome suggestions in her book. I find her blog inspirational and a taste of something very foreign to me. I am a born and raised city girl, whereas she raises her family in Maine. We have different philosophies, but I appreciate her dedication to her children. She is probably the most creative and resourceful person I have read about, and her book is fantastic. 

This book is where the idea for Family Drawing Time came from. I take no credit whatsoever for it. Other than me buying the supplies and instituting it with the familia. The first night the kids were bathed and I had the box all prepared and ready for use in the art closet. We had some time before bed and Aaron wasn't home, so I thought it was a good idea to try it out. Needless to say, the kids LOVED it. It has become part of our routine. 


And although I cannot promise them that we get to it every single day. We definitely try. I bought a medium sized tray at Target and got the kids their own special sketch pad that is only used during Family Drawing Time. We have supplies in this box that only come out during this time as well, like pastels, special colored pencils, charcoal pencils, markers. The kids know it's a quiet time and they can do whatever they like. Doodle, draw a picture, shapes, just test out color combinations, it's up to them. They are allowed to bring magazine clippings as inspiration or have books to look at to get ideas from. 


The kids are not the only ones thrilled with this activity. Aaron is a big sketcher. Well, he used to be when he had the time. I actually can't draw well at all, but I still love this time to doodle in my own journal. I don't think about writing lists or folding laundry or anything else. Just draw or scribble. It is so soothing for the kids. Greta will test out all the pinks and purples in the whole bunch on her pad, and even attempt an occasional "W" (her letter of choice at the moment). But the most exciting thing is that we are doing it all together, as a family, and the kids see that mom and dad are not trying to multi task. That we are enjoying it right alongside them.