warning: picture overload

I warned you. But I honestly even have more that I could've put in this post. However, I tried to exercise some self-control and remember that all of you have a life to live and don't want to spend more than maybe 20-40 seconds on a post scrolling through photos. 

While Gunnar was enjoying his last day of Spring Break golfing with his Papa, I took the two little ones down to visit Jane and Alissa. You'd think they lived on the other side of the planet for how often I go visit. But Orange County is kind of, just a bit, okay a lot bit, the other side of the planet. But I love it because it houses my friend. And it always is super exciting for me to enter the little neighborhoods and see all the adorable homes and try to pick out which one is my friend's. I tell Aaron all the time that I could totally move there. And he just proceeds to stare at me and give me a look like, you have got to be kidding. Leave urban L.A., for the OC! Shocking! Never! So, we may never live there, but it will always hold a special place in my heart because of my Jane. Although, if I can get her to move up HERE, well that's another story. . .

We went to this indoor playground first and it was packed. Super busy. Spring break combined with the drizzly cold weather outside gave everyone the same idea. Afterwards we went back to Jane's for lunch, some cupcakes, and some painting. Oh, and can't forget some jumping. Hope we didn't damage the crib!!







Love these expressions.