Family Time


I was trying to think back to the last time Aaron and I went away with the kids, any of the kids, just us, as a family. Can you believe it hasn't been since Gunnar was not even 2 years old! We vacation a lot, don't get me wrong. But it is either with my family, with friends, or going to visit Aaron's family. Not just us as a family unit, apparently, not in 5 years. 

So we took a few days off and went back to Mammoth. The kids were really great on the ride up. We only stopped once and then they indulged me and let me pull over for a few minutes to snap these pictures. I am not really experienced when it comes to landscapes, but you couldn't have taken a bad picture. 




The snow was unbelievable. And I say this with much sadness because I didn't get to ski. Since it was just Aaron and I as far as adults went, one of us had to stay with Greta, and I am not too keen on skiing alone, remember what happened the last time I went skiing?

We took off Thursday after lunch for the 4.5 hour drive. And the scenery was spectacular. I know these photos don't even look real, but they are. The tress were my absolute favorite. What a difference from the last time we were there in January. Literally the ground was covered in snow 30 minutes before we even hit the town of Mammoth. And with all that snow came lots of powder. Thursday night we went to rent the kids their gear and the owner told us that this day was the best of the entire season. Knee to thigh powder on the runs. With all this snow, came cold. It was in the teens that night and when we awoke Friday it was snowing. The kids couldn't remember the last time they saw it actually snow so they were so thrilled. It snowed all day Friday. 

Greta and I dropped the boys off at the mountain for Gunnar's snowboarding class, Sawyer's ski school, and Aaron's time to bond with nature.

I will post some more of the kids and the rest of our trip. But for now, this last photo is my favorite. I don't recommend it, but I had a really good co-pilot who took over the wheel so I could snap this.