March Book Post

This month we all are embarking on some new reading material. Seriously, I get giddy when I walk into Barnes and Noble or the library. And I love that my excitement is carrying over to the kids. You can click on the pictures for the link.

The current new favorite, and one that I read about 10 times a day, while Soso giggles is,


The kids just got introduced to a new literary character that I really loved as a kid, Babar. And I'm sure he'll be making reappearances shortly.


Aaron just started this book and is currently loving it. Not sure if it's too dark for me, but it's nonfiction and I'll probably read it anyways and then he'll wonder why I can't sleep at night.


And this book I started yesterday, will probably be done tomorrow. Outliers is fascinating. I can't believe this hasn't been studied before now. It's from the same author who wrote Blink, which is awesome. It is such a good book for everyone to read also!


Please feel free to send me your book recs for kids and for me. I am always looking to add to my wish list of books. And books are the one thing the kids are never told no to, can never have too many.