Time for some Toys & Books

I have fallen inlove with this brand and it hasn't even arrived yet. I saw it at our most favorite boutique toy store. It's a company I believe from the UK, called Le Toy Van. There stuff is all wooden and so unique. I didn't even realize that the boys favorite pirate ship from a few years ago is also made by this brand. I think I am more excited for our purchases to arrive than Greta will  be. She doesn't know that I've ordered a few pieces that the store was sold out of. Here's what will be coming in the mail shortly.


And how cute is this?!!


My mom was suckered into this teapot cafe. Seriously, I am already planning some pretty cool tea parties with this. . . I mean Greta. . .


And lastly, look at this theatre!


Now, please, don't assume I have no self control. None of the dolls come with the sets, and I will have to get some of those, but the things I held myself back from buying, but really really really want are these. Be still my heart!



And on a book note, we have been reading every night since we bought it, and are so excited that they are coming out with a movie. . . Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.


Happy Playing and Reading!