Multicultural Show- Spain

This is Sawyer's second and last year of preschool. sniff sniff. 

Today was his last Multicultural Show. sniff sniff.

Last year you may remember he did Italy, and this year it was Spain. The difference in how big the four year olds are compared to the three year olds is amazing. I couldn't believe that he was that small last year! sniff sniff.

And the thought that Greta will be up there next year for her three year old show? Too much for me to handle. sniff sniff.

Sawyer was dressed in a little Zorro-esque costume, he looked a lot like Aaron did here. He was so cute with his little cape. These pictures crack me up, his expressions are priceless. He even has his tongue sticking out in some of them. I love that they're blurry and fuzzy, it just makes the whole cape twirling thing real to me. 





Not a baby anymore. Oh, just wait til the graduation post! Forget it, you will be able to see the tear marks through the screen!