House Project- March

Wow, it's been awhile since a project has been completed in this house. And this isn't so much a project, but a "necessity" according to my husband. We never watch TV in our bedroom, we have this really crappy TV from 8 years ago that we've been using. It's just not worth it when downstairs is a beautiful plasma to sit and watch your shows on. In fact, I'd rather watch TV on my computer than on that junk.

For years we've wanted to mount a flat screen up there but there has always been a more important purchase. Like diapers, food, electricity, you get the point.

Well, each year we receive a tax refund and we usually renew our annual Disneyland passes, take a small weekend trip somewhere with the kids, pay down a credit card bill if it got out of hand near the end of the year, and buy a piece of electronic equipment that Aaron has been eyeing. Last year it was our new Mac, the year before camcorder. . .

I told Aaron he should price flat screens for our bedroom, and I should've known something was up when only hours later he asked me how much I expected to pay for one. Interesting question, but I wasn't expecting deceit so I answered him honestly. No less than 24 hours later, I came home from work, walked in our bedroom and it was done. On the wall, mounted, boxes dismantled. Very interesting. And when I looked at the screen I noticed my photos from my library on the computer changing on the screen. That's when I noticed the little box on the floor, Apple TV. You see he took the number I gave him and apparently that was too high for reality. So instead of us saving the extra few hundred dollars, he went and bought an Apple TV, and therefore came in $4 under budget. So scandalous. And I hope that Apple TV was worth it because that's the last time I fall for that trick.

The Apple TV is awesome however. Awesome. The first night I went to sleep watching old home movies of our trip to Mexico. I can scan through any photos or movies. And then I can go to the apple site and purchase any shows or movies to watch. Too easy. I didn't realize how convenient watching television in bed is. 

      So here are a few BEFORES of our ugly wall and television.



And the AFTER:



I know, it's not terribly exciting. But at least we're making progress. Our bedroom is the least "lived in" as far as furniture, decorations, and wall art are concerned.