Okay, maybe not completion, more like, birth. But I am beyond thrilled to announce the product of my labor. I figured creating a website would be kind of expensive and really time consuming. My techno-junkie husband helped me do it without either of those things. It took maybe 4-6 hours to create, and of course it still needs some tweaking. But it was really reasonable, cost wise. I have received a lot of inquiries regarding prices and packages and sample photos. So I have put it all in one place and will build from here. 

I welcome you to come visit,


I link to it also in my blog list on the right. This is where I will update photo shoots I am working on. I have put a little "blog" section for this purpose. But no doubt I will let you know here first whenever I add goodies. I hope you like it as much as I do. I am so thrilled that I can look forward to doing something I love so much more often.