Non New Year's Resolution Update

Remember my non new year's resolutions I made a few months ago? Well I thought I should update all of you on my progress in keeping to them.

1. Entertain once a month, not including my family who is here like every day, but friends and people in our congregation. 

update: so far we have done this and it's been really great. definitely a goal we are enjoying and going to keep.

2. Kiss my husband more. I know it sounds very strange, but after almost 9 years of marriage, sometimes I forget. . .

update: i will have to ask him, not sure how well i am doing in this department. . .

3. Make designated dirty laundry and clean laundry baskets, not put clean clothes in the baskets that were housing the dirty ones. This is a total revelation to me, never thought about it til a friend mentioned it and now it makes total sense. So far I have done this for the last 2 days and it’s not that complicated, although as soon as Aaron is in the laundry mix I will have a whole new set of problems, he doesn’t like order very much. . .

update: LOVE THIS. we have not digressed once. love having them separate and designated and am very happy i made this change.

4. Potty train Greta. It is soooo time. And it is my most dreaded thing to do, but you already know that. I figure if nothing else it will lead to some very interesting, funny and or/horrifying posts.

update: hmmmm. my goal is still to do this, and do it this month. will keep you posted.

5. Start taking photographs of other people, families, couples, whoever. Just get more serious about it. And possibly, possibly, possibly, almost not really there, but in the far far far away distance, only a slight slight possibility, but  m a y b e  look into maybe a side photography biz. I know, as if I’m not busy enough? Am I trying to kill myself? I think I won’t do it just to avoid these questions from my mother. But I really enjoy it, and I’ve had some people ask about taking photos of their family. I even was recommended by a friend, who obviously has way too much faith in me, to do a wedding. Yeah, so not there yet. But I did offer my services for their engagement shots. And I figure, what’s one afternoon a month, especially doing something you do all day anyways, it will mix it up a little and I would learn a ton. You never know. . .

update: i have embarked on this by getting my business license for Deborah Justine Photography and doing my first engagement shoot. and i have a few families i am going to shoot in the coming months. very exciting.

6. Never miss a week of our family worship night. 

update: so far so good. we are loving this night of the week and the kids look forward to it even more than i could've hoped for.

So all in all, I think I'm doing pretty good. I know I haven't posted about any House Projects lately. I kind of fell off that wagon when we all started getting sick in December. But I will be posting about a completed house project, however Aaron will have to get the credit for it. It's been wanted for awhile and finally done. I will share next week with some pics.