Mammoth Videos

Once again the kids were pretty hyped to be on a road trip. This again meant a movie in the car and a gas station stopover. On the way up we stopped at this cool old mini mart place that had neon clocks with rain sounds and guns you can buy. Gotta love the 909. When we walked in I told the kids they could each pick out one snack or treat. Whatever they wanted.

Now you have to understand the excitement on these kids faces. When we go to the movies for instance I dole out in little ziploc baggies their m&m treats or their sweet tart treats. We're talking like 10 pieces each. So that fact that they were allowed to EACH pick out a goodie. Too much to handle! So you're maybe wondering what snack they would pick. I was anticipating Skittles or Reese's or Sour Punch Straws. Nope. We ended up with one bag of Cheetos, one bag of Chex Mix and a gatorade. That may clue you in on how exciting chips must be to my children! Cheetos. Seriously. We don't eat potato chips in this house. Tortilla chips, sure. Smart Puffs. Absolutely. Pirate Booty. Bring it. But Doritos and Cheetos, no chance in . . .

So there we were heading to the Sierra Mountains with our delicious gatorade. But I was secretly happy inside, I'm a Cheetos person myself. 

I never knew how many Really Good Fresh Jerky Shops there were between here and Mammoth. A lot. Every road has a big sign advertising jerky. And not just regular beef jerky which apparently is not fresh. This jerky was Really Good, and Fresh. 

Here's some snippets of our time in the car. After the movie was over and when the snow started to surround us.


And some more time in the car.


And my Soso in ski school! He graduated from the Edgie Wedgie. He's the one in the middle with the tan pants. By the way these videos were all taken with that little HD videocamera I posted about a few days ago. Do you see the snow coming down!


And Gunnar. On Friday he walked into the condo and declared that it was the best day of his life! He couldn't wait to get out there again the next day. Here he is on one of the runs. This was right before Aaron lost his son. On the mountain. Apparently they had agreed upon a route to go and last minute Gunnar changed his mind and went a different way. Gunnar went all the way down the mountain and couldn't find his father. So my smart boy found someone who worked there and he "fake cried" so they knew he was lost. He had Aaron's cell on his lift tag so they called Aaron and they were reunited. Seriously, how do you lose your 7 year old who is learning to snowboard?