make up presents

Not make up as in lipstick, blush, no. Make up as in I pissed off my wife when I acted like  a jerk and feel the need to buy something. Those make up presents. Which, let me clarify, I never expect. In fact, I don't really like the whole idea of my husband feeling the need to somehow make it up to me with something material. So Aaron rarely buys me presents under these circumstances. Of course, because he rarely acts like a jerk. So rare. However, you knew there would be a "but". However, he often breaks things. I think due to his profession which is a very rough, need strong hands type of job, he's not so delicate with fragile things. And twice now he has broken my camera. Yes, my favorite material possession. 

After the second time, I have to admit. I was livid. You see, he broke it doing the exact same thing he did the first time. I'm pretty understanding, but the same mistake twice kind of irks me, especially when it damages MY item. I was definitely surprised and excited when he brought home this particular make up present. Over a year ago I looked into purchasing a Lens Baby. But I was so overwhelmed in just using the few lenses I had, that I couldn't add to my camera accessories. And I kind of forgot about it. So when he brought this home, I was very surprised that he even remembered that I wanted it!

This is not the kind of lens you use when you want a really crisp, in focus photo. These have a small "sweet spot" and the rest is very grainy and blurry. But the effect is unlike anything else. 

I haven't had much time to play around with it, and let me tell you, it is really hard to use. But once I figure it out the effects are awesome. It's basically a lens that is totally movable, you can turn it up and down and that causes the edges to look like they've moved, or are curved. This was the first time I got to break it out and try it. I have learned that moving objects, like children, are NOT good subjects to learn with. So I took it outside and these are what I came back with. I think they're kinda cool.