Superbowl at Disneyland

Since the invention of Tivo my life has become much better. Busier, most definitely. All of a sudden I have all these shows recorded to watch and finding the time to watch them is tricky. Most of the time I end up sitting on the couch til midnight trying to stay awake to see which dumb chick gets eliminated from The Bachelor. Oh, and watching LOST late at night, that's rough. My dreams get a little freaky, let me tell you.

But one of the pluses of Tivo is not having to stay home for important games. Other than college football we aren't too psycho in my house. My husband doesn't demand watching things live. If he has to watch it live, most likely it means he's at the Coliseum watching his team kick some serious booty. So Superbowl Sunday seemed like it would be the perfect day to go to Disneyland. I figure there's no way that dad's are going to forego watching the Superbowl for Disneyland! No way.


It was packed! We met up with another family there and spent about 5 hours in the park. Surprisingly we were able to ride a ton of rides, and I don't really understand how that happened. We have to hit the favorites, usually immediately upon entering the park we head to Tomorrowland. Once there we can hit the Rockets, Buzz Lightyear, and Star Tours. We check on Autopia's line and then do the Jedi Training Academy.

Can I tell you what a horrible idea it is to try to take photos while on the rocket ride with Sawyer as your pilot? Serious nausea ensued. And then, even worse idea to go on Star Tours next. I had to sit out the Carousel and Jungle Cruise, instead opting to take Gunnar on Indiana Jones. I didn't take a bunch of photos we were too busy jetting from one thing to the next. But I snapped a few.