Our anniversary is a good 2 months away. But I have the habit of picking out what I want my parents to get us way far in advance. And 2 months is actually kind of late considering last year it was about 10 months in advance! You can tell, I like anniversaries. Anyways, we went back and forth and ultimately a piece of electronic is what would get the most use around here. And if it's something to record their grandchildren doing, my parents are all for it. 

So behold, came in the mail yesterday, and already getting major play,


And it's pink. Aaron didn't mind because he did all the research and this one fits our needs the most, so pretty much he picked it out. It came in black, but who can not like the pink! I really was leaning towards the Flip HD, but then I found out it doesn't take stills. So this little videocamera, takes HD video, an awesome LCD screen where you can play back and delete immediately. And it takes stills. It's about the size of a blackberry, and comes with rechargeable batteries. And get this, $150! I will have to load some video later this week and show you the great quality.