Okay, if you have a son then you need to pay very careful attention to the information I am going to share. If you have not heard of this craze yet, that probably means your son is not 5 years old yet. And if you know what I'm talking about, then we can commiserate. 

Bakugan. O h m y g o o d n e s s ! Gunnar came home about a month ago running his mouth about a mile a minute talking about something so foreign to me that I couldn't figure out if this was a dream he had, a book he's reading at school, or a kid whose name is Bakugan. I thought I knew all the kids in his grade, maybe I was missing one though.

None of the above. Bakugan is this toy/game whatever you want to name it and it's a Japanese Anime thing. That's a good explanation right? Not pokemon. I can't handle those demonic looking things with red eyes and the crazy card collecting that goes along with it. These Bakugan toys are little spheres and when they drop on the ground or touch something made out of metal, they open, or transform. And each little Bakugan has a name and a power source, I think I've heard the boys refer to it as G Power. Anyways, there's this whole game where it's an arena and you drop the Bakugans and somehow where they land gives you points. I don't know the whole deal yet. I let Aaron read the directions three times and he was still confused. And every time Gunnar plays the game, the rules apparently change. So I need to do a little investigating on how this game is supposed to be played.

But in the meantime my boys are nuts over these things. And it's mainly Gunnar's age and up, but Sawyer being a younger brother is way ahead of the curve. He's all over it too. 

So now you know what a Bakugan is. And if you're playing with an 8 year boy, you can actually look cool since you know what it is.