Family Pictures- Union Station Part I

We are a little late this year with family photos. Usually we try to get them done by January, but there was a lot going on in January so we had them done this past weekend. Since we've had photos done at the beach and a park, I wanted a more urban setting and decided to go downtown to Union Station. Once again, Mike came through. His website is in the blogroll under "my photographer". I didn't know if we would get asked to leave, but I did my research ahead of time and they said as long as it was for personal use, photography was allowed. Phew. Because this place had the most amazing lighting and architecture. So beautiful. Thank you Mike! We love them. LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

When we do family pictures we usually put the emphasis on getting the kids photos taken, but since I've been able to photograph them a lot in the past year, and when they've been much more cooperative, we let it slide this time. Instead we focused on the whole family in their element and Aaron and I. 

Here are some of my favorites of Aaron and I. Now, in the first one I had to demonstrate what it meant to Aaron to act seductive. I told him to sex it up a little, and I got zilch. So I had to show him what I meant, of course laughing hysterically the entire time. 

This is what I was going for.


And this is what I got.


Can he get any further away from me?? At least he was making me laugh, right?