Flat tire

My first flat tire happened Monday. I drove to work and wondered what the little light was on my dashboard. Seriously, an exclamation point with a little squiggly line under it? Huh? That means low tire pressure? I had no clue. Well, when I walked out to my car after work I saw the cause for the little exclamation point and squiggles. A major flat tire. So flat I thought that maybe someone had slashed my tire. 

My first flat tire. I don't even know if I have a spare tire somewhere in my car. No clue. So my first instinct is to curl into the fetal position and lay on the backseat of the car. Then I decide that wouldn't do me any good, so I called Aaron. He told me to walk to a nearby gas station and see if they can figure out if there's a nail in it. Also, he added that I should probably flirt and be cute so that they change my tire for free.

Yuck. Flirt with a greasy mechanic?

Wait a sec! I am married to a greasy mechanic. This could be very very easy. I walked to the 76 station and explained that I work across the street and my tire is flat, can they help me out. He grabbed some machine and walked with me back to my car and filled the tire with air. Apparently the nail was in sideways and air was seeping back out pretty fast. But we drove back to the gas station and he changed the tire for me. I secretly think all men enjoy being able to save a woman in distress. Especially being able to fix something that appears to her to be so complex and really the last thing she could figure out how to do without an instruction manual. 

Since this day, I have decided that I need to learn to change my own tire. I don't like being that woman in distress. I don't like having to depend on "acting cute" to get my car functioning again. And I believe that it will be a great and potentially life saving skill to have. 

I came home and decided to tell Aaron of my plan. I told him, 'that's it, I don't want to be helpless anymore, I need to learn to change my own tire'. I think I caught him a little by surprise, but he seemed agreeable. He told me he would show me soon and that he agreed that it's something I needed to know. 

Perfect. I would soon be defenseless no more against the tire changing men of the world. Then, Aaron decided to tell me the truth,

"sweetie, I think it's a good idea that you want to learn to change a tire. But you cannot actually lift the spare tire out of the car. It's too heavy for you."


So I guess, flirting it is.