35 Years

Last week you all saw my Happy Anniversary post to my parents. 35 years. Well, we had to celebrate. In the past my father has always thrown his own parties, he doesn't like to hand over control of any sort to anyone. Especially his daughters. But this time, we insisted. We are adults, married. We can handle a dinner party for 50 people, 52 to be exact. I may be bias but it was fantastic. We held it at an awesome Italian restaurant in Brentwood called Pecorino. 

My father was very adamant on knowing all the details. Menu, wine, champagne, time, invites, you name it. But we couldn't divulge everything. Especially not the 20 minute surprise video that Aaron and I have been working on for months. 

The evening began with appetizers and champagne and once everyone arrived we sat down to dinner. Not your normal dinner. After the initial appetizers, we got appetizers at our seats, 3 to be exact. Then we had 2 pastas. Then we had fish. Then we had steak. Then we had 3 desserts. Yes, 3. And there was no choice. You were served it all. It was a long evening, but very enjoyable. 

Once we had eaten the main course we brought out the screen and projector and played the video montage of photos and video clips. There were many tears and much laughter, so I think it was a good combination of humor and tender moments. If you know anything about me, you must know that my father is our world. I am not joking here. He is the most reasonable, humble, modest, sound, wise man I have ever met. And I believe has ever walked the earth since Jesus. Yes, he is on a high pedestal to say the least. And my mother is like no other as well. She is the most dedicated mother I've ever known, and I can only strive to be like her everyday. This dinner was the least they deserved in celebration of their marriage and all they have accomplished in 35 years. 

I have loaded the video to Vimeo, but for fear of the wrath of a certain sibling, I won't post the link in this post. You can email me if you want the link, or I'm sure with a little minor digging you can find the video on your own. But if my sister and brother in law ask, I did not tell you. I have no clue what you are talking about. And if you want future secrets divulged, I suggest you keep your mouth shut. Got it? Good.

Here are a few snapshots from the night.