Egg Nog

My kids have been talking about having an Egg Nog Party since fall began. They are HUGE eggnog drinkers. My sister even bought Greta a special dress to wear to the Egg Nog Party. It has been hanging in her closet for weeks, she hugged it the first time she saw it. The kids took this very serious and even made signs indicating where we could find the Egg Nog Martinis. Aaron and I decided we might as well enjoy it and make it a cocktail party. I have to say, my friends rock. They all brought something delicious. Here's just a sampling of what we enjoyed: Susan supplied Dirty Martinis, prosciutto wrapped cantaloupe, shrimp, cheese varieties, Elliott made Puerto Rican eggnog which was dessert like, creamy and sweet with just the right kick, my brother in law is fantastic in the kitchen and did homemade tapenades, Tanya did her signature sausage and peppers, Peter made a homemade pumpkin pie, my store bought pumpkin pie remains in the container, still untouched, to give you a clue as to how good his pie was. Amanda made homemade macaroons. Have you ever tried homemade macaroons? To die for. I did heirloom tomatoes and fresh mozzarella, meatballs, feta stuffed pastries. Paige brought chai martinis, Aaron made Egg Nog Martinis and Martha Stewarts' Classic Eggnog Recipe, and we had several non-alcoholic varieties. I could go on, we had so much food, and with all that egg nog we all felt a little sloshy and full. I bet we consumed a lot of calories. It was so much fun and I have a feeling this may become an annual egg nog celebration in this house. I have realized that I really do enjoy entertaining. I love having people in my house, even if it takes 2 days to put it back together, I love everyone enjoying each other's company. And other than the cleaning before and cleaning afterward, when everyone pitches in with their treats, it's really worth it. I also love that my kids are so comfortable with adults, they're social and entertaining and I hope they grow up in this house full of friends.

I couldn't take too many photos, what with enjoying my egg nog and all. But here's a few of the delights we enjoyed.

A sampling of what went into Aaron's Egg Nog, okay, it's Martha Stewart's.

Aaron's Egg Nog Martini with crushed graham crackers

THE macaroons

One of Carl's tapenades