I dread homework. Not my homework. The kid's homework. Second grade is all about the writing and my son absolutely loathes writing. Gunnar loves to come up with stories and books, but he'd rather type them than write them on paper. It's a battle about 70% of the time.

Sawyer is not so against homework. He has his moments, but most of the time he's eager and willing to do his assignments. His work recently got kicked into high gear and so some nights he gets extra work. It totally is right up his alley. There's a series of books the kids take home one at a time and there's questions that accompany each book once they read it. He loves order. He loves doing something one by one and then watching something get checked off a list. My little OCD boy makes me proud. Sometimes he has to do a little more writing than others and this was his first assignment. I figure I can brag on my blog if no where else right? I'm not a mom who calls up anyone, except maybe my own mom and my sister, and shares his latest and greatest. But I figure since this is my blog, why not? And I'm not even sharing this because I think it's super special and genius, but to see him write cracks me up. I seriously get a smile when I see his little letters on a page. He had to read the story, then tell me the plot, then he had to come up with 5 words in the story that rhyme, and then put each one in a sentence. I don't like to help him with his work unless it's just to remind him to put his name on his paper. And I couldn't help laughing that he knew what the word "chat" meant. I guess this generation somehow learned "chat" earlier than mine.