lots and lots to post & Giveaway Winner Photos!

I have a ton to post, and instead of bombarding one gigantic post with everything, I will try and restrain myself from doing that.

But I will be blogging about our Egg Nog Party, and my very exciting sewing project(yes, I bought a sewing machine and I even MADE something with it!), and I have a final photo shoot for 2009 happening this week for a family I shot back in August. I just love shooting for repeat clients, it really makes my whole week to know they came back for more. This time I get to shoot the family and both sets of grandparents.

In other HUGE news, I quit my job today. I no longer am going into the spa I have worked at for 8 years, but I am solely self employed now. MORE on that to come as well. I have been wanting to share my other website on my blog for awhile, but only now have the freedom to do that. SO EXCITING!

Okay, now for some focus to my rambling, overcrowded brain.

This is Lorelei. Teresa, Lorelei's mom, won my photo giveaway a little while back and we finally arranged our schedules to coincide. She won a free mini photo shoot and gets to choose an 8x10 and 5x7. This little girl is delicious. I mean look at those cheeks! She was such a good baby, and I'm glad we managed to get some of the whole family. I posted a few more on my photo blog, but here are a few of my favorites.

Congratulations Teresa on winning!