keeping us busy

The kids are on winter break for 3 weeks. We haven't even gotten through the first week and I'm already digging deep into the craft closet. Friday night I made a preemptive visit to Lakeshore Learning and stocked up on lots of goodies and projects. Yeah, it's not going to get us through week 1. . .

But we have managed to stay busy and today we haven't even turned the television on. We finally managed to finish The Enormous Egg book which inspired our kick off project below, and we also started reading James and the Giant Peach. We've been reading lots and playing lots, visiting the park and finding projects to do from the internet. It's times like these that I really appreciate the websites devoted to children's creativity and art projects. And hopefully  maybe we will inspire you in your winter break activities. So far we've. . .

hatched a dinosaur

shared in group coloring projects without any bloodshed or tears

created some new wood stick people friends

Greta received a present last night from a sweet and generous sister in our congregation. It's a design your own ballerina outfit set. Seriously, can you get a more perfect gift for this little girl?



Greta was introduced to paper dolls. I absolutely loved paper dolls as a kid and I have been searching for paper doll books for the last year. I've only come up with a few but I'm thrilled to have found this source of free paper doll downloads. Just use heavy cardstock, print and be careful you don't get carpel tunnel from all the cutting, and voila!

Gunnar is enjoying a day of golf tomorrow and movies are in our forecast for Friday. I'm going to take the rest of the week off from blogging so I keep these little people entertained. We are also excited to be hosting an eggnog themed cocktail party this weekend. Mmmm, doesn't it sound decadent? I am off to research some homemade eggnog recipes.

See you back next week!