At the dinner table, while eating miso soup with dinner.

Gunnar: You know what vegetarians have to eat a lot of?

Me: Tofu.

Gunnar: Yep.

Sawyer: Mama, what's a vegetarian?

Me: Someone who doesn't eat meat.

Sawyer: Like their doctor told them they can't?

Me: No, they don't want to eat meat.

Sawyer: Because they're allergic or something?

Me: No. Just because they don't want to eat it.

Sawyer: Hm.

Me: I was a vegetarian when I met daddy. Well, kind of. I didn't eat any red meat.

Sawyer: I want to be a vegetarian.

Me: Okay, so that means you can't eat any hamburgers.

Aaron: Or bacon.

Gunnar: Or steak.

Aaron: Or sausage.

Sawyer: Nevermind.

Gunnar: Let's be carnivores.