likes & loves

Seriously loving Anthropologie right now. Check out some of their fantastic goodies for kitchens.


Juice Glasses


You can seriously just go to Anthropologie's website and there are dozens more of these lovelies.

I was in Target the other day and had to talk myself out of this Dwell pillow. I don't have grey in any room, and not much yellow for that matter. But that didn't stop me from seriously, seriously considering purchasing it.

I have been obsessing over Fair Isle sweaters this winter. Pulling out all the ones I own and coveting all the ones I see. Basically I want everything Fair Isle. Sweater Vests. Sweaters. Cardigans. Scarves.

Here's a Free People sweater I got my hands on. LOVE.

I am also liking anything my kids make me. Greta made me this. My cute Gunnar in the background.

Oh, and Sawyer and I are keeping warm these days by sharing his many hats. He's a hat man and he was kind enough to loan me this while we were role playing the other night.

If you couldn't tell, I am loving the cold weather here right now. I haven't taken my scarf off my neck once this entire day. I have hot tea every night and we curse ourselves when we run out of firewood. If you've taken a look around our house you also may notice I have a thing for owls. Etsy has some adorable stuff right now.

Like this pendant.

And these salt and pepper shakers.

And seriously? How cute is this napkin holder.