weekending. . .

Nothing too exciting over in this household. A lot of downtime recuperating. Greta had an ear infection, Gunnar still has a cough but the doctor said that can take weeks if not months to go away. Aaron didn't feel great Thursday and Friday, and I didn't feel great Friday and Saturday. We are on the mend and strangely I wish we would just contract H1N1 because the anticipation of it hitting us and the back and forth controversy on the vaccine is making my head spin. Sawyer, poor guy, stuck home, enjoyed a Saturday afternoon playdate with his best bud.

The good part is that I have been sleeping a lot more than usual this weekend. And somehow I felt really great yesterday morning, and was able to do a garage sale that morning that we've been planning on for months. Maybe the idea of purging and clearing out space in our garage was worth enduring the exhaustion. I vowed not to return home with what I left in the morning, and sure enough, thanks to my trip to Goodwill after the sale, I kept my word. We did have to cancel our fun plans of outdoor ice skating, but there will always be another day, and no sense taking my kids to mingle with other kids and either passing on the lovely germs or getting some new ones. We all go back to work and school tomorrow and have enjoyed our weekend around the house. Sadly, it meant more than the usual TV time, but we did savor hot apple cider each night. The kids were also introduced to old school 007. Goldfinger.

I am realizing the benefits of going to sleep early. I never sleep before midnight and I am a zombie, being awoken each morning by the kids and dragging myself out of bed. But the last 2 days I have gone to bed in the 9-10pm range and I have woken up on my own around 6-6:30am each morning. Amazing what can get done in the morning hours! We'll see if this early to bed, early to rise pattern continues. It doesn't hurt that it's pitch black outside at 6pm and Aaron and I stare at each other at 6:45pm wondering how it can't be the kids bedtime yet?!

Lots of reading time for me and the kids. Lots of cuddles on the couch and in the beds. Lots and lots of laundry. But that is nothing new. Looking forward to Aaron having a day off Wednesday, but not looking forward to the fact that I scheduled dentist and doctor appointments for us that day. Hope everyone had a more fun weekend in their house than we did here!