wow. this is late

I seriously have let some posts slip through the cracks. My sister and her husband celebrated their 10 year anniversary in September and to celebrate her friends, my mom and I threw them a cocktail party. I didn't take many photos, I was too busy cooking food for the ravenous wolves. But we didn't mind, as long as the cocktails are flowing, you have to keep the food coming.

This was the first time I blow dried Greta's hair. Oh, the little princess she felt she was. And Sawyer got to pull out Gunnar's old tuxedo from a wedding he was in. Again, such a bummer I didn't take more photos. sigh. I didn't even get one of Jessica and Carl together! Basically, the only photos I took were before it started. Once people arrived, that's it. My camera wasn't picked up again. Nikki should be in the photo with us too, but I didn't even get one of all the girls who threw it with me. There's always the next one, five years from now. . .

party 1

party 4

party 2

par 1

par 2

par 3

par 4

party 3