House Project- Bathroom Built-in

We are still on vacation, but I was sifting through some blog entries, and I'm not sure why I forgot to post this one.

First off, let me say that my bathroom is one of my favorites rooms. Maybe this seems a bit strange, but it exudes calm for me. I love the colors and the beadboard, and this area is a favorite of mine. These built in shelves are what I look at when I take a bath. Here's what they looked like before. They're alright. Some photo frames and mementos. Some bath oils. One of which got Aaron and I in a HUGE fight one of our anniversaries. Yeah, he and I have different opinions about anniversary presents. To him, there's no budget, no reason. Thus, the $175 Rice Sake Bath Oil. Insane, right? Yeah, that wasn't so cool for me. Seriously, I would so much rather put that towards something tangible. Like a Marc by Marc Jacobs bags, but again, another post.

shelves 1

shelves 2

shelves 3

I have a huge collection, well maybe not huge. . . yet. But I've collected some old cameras that I have been itching to display somewhere. And this is one of the few rooms that the kids don't have their toys and artwork and figurines and pencils strewn about. I thought it would be the perfect place to start. The beauty on top is Diana, but you've met her. Holga is on the shelves in my bedroom. One of these cameras my grandma gave me, it was sitting in her garage collecting dust, and I have another beautiful old camera that Aaron's mom sent me that's in my bedroom as well.

Back to my point. So distractable tonight! Here's the shelves as they look now.

shelves 4

shelves 5

shelves 6

The sketch next to Diana had to stay. I picked it up in Italy and just love it as much as the day I got it.

shelves 7