Cirque du Soleil

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I am a bit behind on some posts and they are not going in chronological order. Not sure if they ever do. I still haven't posted pictures from our trip to Palm Springs, but they're coming.

Kooza came to the Santa Monica Pier and my whole family went along with another couple. If you haven't seen a show by Cirque du Soleil, I'm sorry. You really should. Years ago they came to our pier regularly and then they stopped, not sure why. But this is their first show back. Aaron and the kids had never been before. Watching their expressions was honestly the best part. Sawyer didn't sit in his seat for more than about 5 minutes the entire show. He stood and stared and yelled and laughed and smiled the entire night. We were a little concerned that Greta would be scared because you never know the premise or theme of the show and although this "zany kingdom" Kooza sounded harmless, you just never know. And it can get loud and dark in there. But she was totally fine. She's not easily scared and other than getting a little restless the second act, she was great. We didn't have to get up once.

If you've ever been to the show you know that they like to mess with the audience a little. And where our seats were made it so that we had a big aisle right behind us, an aisle that the performers like to use a lot. They especially enjoyed Aaron's bald head and repeatedly climbed on his shoulders so that they could kiss his bald head. The acts are not your normal acts. I honestly was screaming at one point in the show for fear my heart would jump out of my chest. There are no animals, just people. It was a beautiful show, and the kids still talk about the "bendy girls" and the "tumble wheel guys" on a daily basis. Even this morning Greta was talking about the man in the striped PJs who had a kite.

Before the show we had dinner at The Lobster, and Gunnar couldn't have been happier. Lobster is his favorite and I think he has eaten at this restaurant more than I have!

A few snapshots with my iphone. Here's the kids before we left.






You aren't supposed to have your phones on during the show but I had to sneak one of the boys' faces. I couldn't resist and I didn't get busted. I'm such a rebel!


Here's some photos from dinner I got to take in between bites of the fantastic food. Oh, and if you are planning a trip to the show in Santa Monica, The Lobster has an awesome Cirque du Soleil 3 course meal you can get that includes valet parking for the whole night too. I can't remember the last time we were all in a photo together.

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