sometimes. . .

not planning things turn out the best. Friday afternoon at 5:30pm Jane called because that afternoon I found out they didn't have evening plans and I was hoping they wanted some. Spontaneity has never really been a huge part of Jane and my friendship, but we're getting daring in our old age. 2 hours later the whole family was on my doorstep with pajamas and toothbrushes and big smiles.

One night turned into two and I still could've used some more time with them. The girls are beyond cute together. They hold hands when we drive in the car. They kiss each other when we read bedtime stories on the couch. And since they all ran out of clothes, Sunday I dressed the girls alike and they couldn't contain their excitement at being "twins". David wore Aaron's clothes and Jane wore mine. See, they don't even need ANYTHING to come and visit us!!! It's usually time that is always the problem. But not this weekend. The rarity that both of us had nothing changeable or planned was definitely taken advantage of. We laughed, we cooked, we went to Koreatown, we cleaned, we dined, we drank, and we laughed some more.

It never ceases to amaze Aaron how much Jane and I talk when we're together. You'd think we would've ran out of things to talk about this weekend, but nope, in the very late hours of both nights we forced ourselves to say goodnight and go to bed. I still think I could be talking to her now, we have lots to say when we're together.

I realized that unplanned things are quite fun. I am torn between loving the anticipation of something and the thrill of it just happening out of the blue. For now, I'm leaning towards the out of the blue part.

Hoping to catch up on my laundry now and my sleep. It was fun Lees! We miss you guys already.