Thank yous. . .

Thank you crazy man at the park who passed by me and didn't stop to talk. I am loving wearing my headphones all the time, if nothing else, it keeps people from trying to talk to you. Not that the crazy man knew I was wearing headphones, but other people in general, they don't bother you if you're wearing ear buds. A new revelation to me. Interesting, now I kinda understand why my brother in law wore his headphones for 2 weeks straight while visiting. Hmmmmm

Thank you Coffee Bean for Winter Dream Tea Lattes being back in season!

Thank you husband for putting up with me not feeling great for the last week. I'm better now.

Thank you Veterans Day for not making me put money in my meter while I was at the doctor's office.

Thank you lovely Kate for listening to me yesterday when I said I didn't feel good, you didn't make me hate you.

Thank you sister for shopping for me. My closet is always full and pretty thanks to you.