1. STILL wish I knew how to knit. I have how-to books sitting on my bookshelf.

2. I wish I had a garden. If I did, I would plant tomatoes. Basil. Cilantro. Blueberries. Not sure if all those can grow together. Maybe that's why I don't have a garden.

3. I wish all the laundry in my home would magically get clean and then fold itself and find itself into their drawers. I can wish can't I?

4. I wish I had different end tables in my bedroom.

5. I wish I get more than 6 hours of sleep one night this week.

6. I wish I found my core muscle today in pilates. no such luck. don't think they really exist. will keep you posted. and yes, i am doing pilates. pick your mouth off the floor. it's actually for my tmj, so i don' think that technically counts as exercising.

7. I wish Coffee Bean had Winter Dream Tea Lattes available now, and not in November.